Let´s capture the Colours

Invited to this byAlice through the Macro Lens  Initially from “Capture the Colour” 5 different colors to bee shown.

Really, I haven´t been traveling to fancy places around the world this summer. But I feel I have done a lot of  traveling in the nature. Most of the pictures are taken this summer at Öland. Of course not the white, which is taken in my hometown Eskilstuna

Red: Traveling  to the Castle at Öland, you can see this beautiful cottage, where a little princess can play .

White: Cold winter, much snow. It is nice to find a place to get some warmth both for your body and mind. Eskilstuna Sweden.

Yellow: When the cereal has fulfilled its journey, and the harvest is over, the straw is gathered in these Strawballs.

Green: The green green grass of home. Maybe this Roe deer, soon will enter his way to heaven, as the hunt has started here in sweden

Blue:Swallows, gathering. Soon they are leaving for Africa.

~ av Veronika Hjorth på 29 augusti, 2012.

9 svar to “Let´s capture the Colours”

  1. Kul idé med färgtemat och snygga bilder!

  2. Fina bilder till alla färger. Det var ett roligt tema.

  3. Amazing capture!
    Not only the colors but also the composition.
    I love them all!!!

  4. Härliga bilder! Tycker specielt om halmbilden

  5. Very special shots, all of them!


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