Far and near

These curious animals. Always looking at you with great interest, but very seldom they come close to you. When you get near, they go far away.

~ av Veronika Hjorth på 8 september, 2012.

37 svar to “Far and near”

  1. What a fantastic photo! The cows in Holland are very curious. Are these different?

  2. I love it! Always loved cows in fields – and the way they seem to order themselves in interesting groups and patterns. And this does capture the near and the far.

    • I´m glad that you like me love cows. They are special to me. Sometimes they are very curious and I can feel a spark of panic, when they order themselves in a pattern, where they almost surround you. I know they can be dangerous when they feel they are threatened.//Veronika

  3. awesome!!! wonderful take on the theme. i like how they’re all looking directly into the camera! cheers!

  4. Cute cows! My enrty also features cows.

  5. Kor finns även här i Paris… Fin bild, jag älskar kor…

  6. Det där med att de inte kommer nära håller vi inte riktigt med om… ; )

  7. En rolig känsla att korna ligger ovan på bakgrunden… Gillas.


  8. brilliant! almost looks like a painting…

  9. really sweet photo

  10. I love this photo! Even I, can feel that ‘look with great interest’ haha! They all seemed like very aware and very cooperative that you’re taking their pictures. 🙂

  11. I just love these cows. Beautiful! 😉

  12. i love it…its so cute cow’s

  13. Nicely done. Concise caption and a great shot selection. Mooooooo!

  14. a wonderful perspective shot of near and far – the cows look almost unreal and have had to review them several times to confirm

  15. Vilken närvaro i bilden! De har full koll på dig.

  16. Well done because I like the angle you shot the image at.

  17. Nyfiken på distans kan man kanske kalla det? Härligt perspektiv som gör att de nästan svävar.


  18. love the colors


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